The Beginning

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by.

As those who have read my other blog, the soon to be deceased Overthoughts, will know, I haven’t posted there in a while. To be fair, it’s been a busy year. A lot has changed since the last time I blogged there. I bought a house. Fell in love. And I now have a son.

I did say I was busy.

However, being an idiot, for all of the previous overthinking I did, the one thing I didn’t do during it all was write about it. That didn’t work so well for me and it ends now. The overthinking, the depressing air of self-pity that permeated my previous blog and the lack of writing. Call it an epiphany (one I was led to by the arrival of my son and an incredibly understanding girlfriend).

Both have helped me reach certain conclusions about where I want to be and what I want to be doing with my life. I want to be a great dad. I want to be a great boyfriend. And I want to be a great writer. Hey, I might as well aim high, right?

So to further at least one of those aims, I give you my new blog, Don’t Freak Out. Those with a fine geek education will spot that the title of the blog comes from Chuck, a TV series about a slacker geek who makes good, gets the girl and becomes the hero. The whole time he tells himself, “Don’t freak out.” It became something of a motto for me. That and a line from All-Star Superman that cropped up from a wonderful unexpected source a few times, but Don’t Freak Out is shorter.

The content will be similar to Overthoughts, but hopefully less, well, over-thought. I’m a dad now, and that will inevitably show through in what I post. Having a kid tends to change your view on things. (Which is a really understated way of saying your entire world changes overnight.)

The upcoming DC Comics digital relaunch looks set to shake things up in the comic book industry, so I’ll be keeping a close eye on that with reviews of some of the new titles every week from the launch date. Opinions, observations and aspirations from a 20-something geek dad.

I hope you come back, whoever you are. And I hope I’m entertaining. Actually, I hope I’m awe-inspiring, but I’ll take what I can get.

Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, anything you like. I’m still tinkering with the appearance, so suggestions would be appreciated!  I’m hoping this blog will really go somewhere. Maybe not stratospherically popular, but well liked would be good. Wish me luck!


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