App test. Seriously, that’s all it is.

In an attempt to keep myself blogging more regularly, I’ve downloaded the WordPress app to my phone. I now have no excuse for not blogging, I can do it anywhere.

So tonight I’m doing it from the old homestead. I bought my own house in April last year, but tonight I have my son at the parental home, because of weather that would make Noah long for the speed and efficiency of modern shipbuilding.

I find it so strange being here. I got used to living alone in my own place very quickly, like it was always my house and I just had to wait before moving in. I’m sure I’ll sell up one day, but I’ll be sad to.

This is seriously the least interesting blog in the world tonight, just testing the new phone app and ending up with a digital message in bottle from my old house.

Hope you’re having a nice evening, everyone.


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