Taking Flight

So I have a little announcement to make.

After much attempting, delaying, procrastinating and self doubting, I think I’m actually making a comic.

In the middle of last year I was fortunate enough to become friends with a good man named Garry McLaughlin. Now, over and above being simply a good man, which is no simple task, Garry is also a phenomenally talented artist. After a few coffees and conversations about our mutual man-crush on Grant Morrison, I sent Garry a comic script I’d been working on and, to my endless astonishment and flatter, he offered to take the art duties.

I wont put a date on publication, as I’m pretty sure that’s the kiss of death, but I hope to have more news for you soon. What I can say is that I’m immensely excited about this, excitement which only grows when Garry drops off artwork like this:

I hope you guys can pick up the book when it’s released. I honestly can’t wait.


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