Follow Friday

I know its a Twitter traditon, #ff, telling those poor unfortunates who grace you with their attention to grace other people with their attention, too, but I thought I’d carry it out here.

Blogging is a cool thing, and not only for the ego stroke it gives you when you see the number of visits on your site stats creep up. Its cool because it exposes you to other people’s blogs. Other people’s thoughts and opinions. There are blogs out there that put newspapers to shame, writing that would make accomplished novelists hide their faces in embarrassment.

If you’ve stopped by my blog – thank you! I have fun writing it, and its good to know there are people willing to read. But if you’re not too busy, how about checking out some of these guys?

Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth –  @starmanjack43

 This is a blog run by a good friend of mine, Matthew Hyde. I know, the link is a bit of a giveaway.

Matthew is one of the smartest guys I know. It’s that simple. He’s also got a knack for getting to the heart of subjects that would otherwise elude me. A mix of thoughts of faith, culture, current affairs, history and books, you’ll always find out something you didn’t know before by clicking on to Matt’s blog. Well written, well thought out and updated frequently, Matt’s is everything a good blog should be. Puts me to shame, certainly!


The Physical Impossibility of Rad in the Mind of Someone Bogus –  @seanmwelsh

Like cinema? This son of a bitch loves it. Experienced film writer and reviewer Sean Welsh delivers insightful film reviews, thoughtful articles on music and film and interviews with people in the industry. If you’re looking to expand your cinematic horizons, you could do a lot worse than following this blog. I’ll even forgive him for the picture of Superman getting tanked on whiskey.


Miso Funky – @misofunky

With all the latest news from the Delia-Approved and entirely awesome Miso Funky store, this blog is your one stop shop for cool crafts and handmade goodies with a sense of humour. Have a look and ask yourself, What Would Delia Do?


Forty Four Sunsets – @Kirsty44SUNSETS

Now, I know nothing about fashion. As far as I’m concerned, it goes as far as T-shirts with some kind of geek cultural relevance and jeans of gradually darkening shades. Kirsty, on the other hand, is something of an expert. With a chatty, friendly style, a love of fashion and a ton of content, Kirsty’s blog even gets someone as fashion backward as me reading it. Maybe one day she’ll give me a makeover. Maybe one day I’ll live down that I ever suggested it.

And hey, while you guys are at it, tell @pickwick to blog more. Seriously, harass her. If ever there was someone who should be blogging but isn’t (currently) , it’s her.

I’ll stop content dodging soon, I promise!


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