All Filler, No Killer

First off, an apology. I had always intended to keep my deadlines for the blog, and I was due one yesterday. It didn’t happen. I have no defence other than “I was busy”, which I don’t like so much. I’ll try not to let it happen again, as I know you guys were utterly furious yesterday. Yes, in my head you were all furious. All 18 of you.

The truth is, I’m not sure what to write today. My media intake has been, while steady, also pretty stagnant of late. There’s only so many times I can wax lyrical about the TV shows I watch and the comics I read (the number of which is dwindling rapidly). It’s at the point where, instead of watching something new, I’m rewatching The West Wing. Again. My love for the West Wing is no secret, and one will will be the subject of a much longer blog than the one I am writing today. (Yes, even the post Sorkin stuff. Santos ftw.)

I find that I often go all-in on one medium at a time. I’m either watching a TON of TV, reading a TON of books, listening to a TON of music etc, but never little bits of everything all at once. I’m not sure why. Perhaps my attention span is a little TOO great. This generally leads to me getting really far behind on one thing or another – I haven’t discovered a new band since Chvrches, who aren’t new at all. I have a reading pile that’s approaching my height. I’m tall. Does anyone else work like this? Please, let me know. And let me know if you have any tips on how I can vary my intake a bit without going down rabbit holes.

I wonder if I’m just too entrenched in the “box-set” mentality, so that even when I’m not watching TV I still feel the need to marathon things. (First person to say that my generation lacks patience and we get everything we want instantly gets punched in the face, instantly. Millenials aren’t a thing. Baby boomers who wrecked the world and blame it on my generation¬†are a thing.)

I know, this kind of sucks as a blog entry and is entirely too navel-gazey and quite obviously a piece of filler till I get the time to write something properly. It’ll happen, I promise.

In the meantime, do yourselves a favour and go watch Steve Jobs in the cinema. If you’re more of a plot person over a character person then you might be left a little cold, but the character work in here is absolutely stellar. Not quite The Social Network good, but still fantastic and insightful. Fassbender, Rogen, Winslet and Daniels all put in star turns, too. Oscars all round, if the Oscars were fair.





The Consumption

It’s Wednesday! And from now on that means I’ll be yakking about things I’ve read or watched or listened to lately, so here’s a little update as to where I’m at.

Surprising no one more than myself, my comic reading habits have changed dramatically from even 6 or 7 months ago. I used to easily hit 20+ comics per month, and now I’m lucky if I hit one a week. Maybe my tastes have changed, maybe I’m harder to please, but there just aren’t that many comics that are really grabbing me right now. I don’t even collect Superman regularly, which is a bit like a bishop missing mass. Although I should point out that Greg Pak’s Action Comics is a mainstay, one of the few books I read month on month. (Along with The Wicked + The Divine and anything Ellis has written that month.) Comics just aren’t exciting me like the used to, certainly not at the pro level. And this has led to even my comics writing ambitions sliding a little. Comics will always be my first love as a medium for storytelling, but lately everything from the most popular content to the inner workings of the industry has just felt wrong, sometimes even poisonous. More than ever, I need a strategy and philosophy for comics that will carry me through. Maybe I’ll work it out here.

I’m currently reading all the Robin Hobb I can get my hands on. The Farseer trilogy was wonderful, so now it’s Liveship’s turn. I know there are more trilogies with Fitz and co after Liveship, so I’m eager to progress. That being said, Liveship is a great series in itself. I’m a sucker for politics in my comics and novels, and Liveship seems to be playing with that a little more than Farseer did. I’m also hoping to get more into my “classics” in the future, having had Don Quixote on my Kindle for quite some time now. I try and read a fiction followed by a non-fiction, but the trilogies keep sucking me in…

As for TV, I’m midway through a rewatch of my favourite TV show, the West Wing, and about halfway through Sense8. They share an unabashed romanticism about people and the world in general – people are generally good and decent and will come through in the end. That’s so far up my street it’s sitting in my favourite chair. I think we might be seeing a post-cynicism era of genre TV coming through, with Sense8, Supergirl and the Flash coming to mind immediately. I hope so. Pop culture’s dark night of the soul is long overdue its daybreak. Also watching and loving Doctor Who, which might be having its best series since Matt Smith’s debut. I feel like this series is about the effect of and importance of companionship, which really doesn’t bode well for the resident companion. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

That’s it for today, just a wee overview before we get into the good stuff. Hope you keep reading!

(OH, gaming – I mainly play Destiny on X-box One at the moment, but will shift to Battlefront when I can.